• Swift Awareness Week 2020

    Swift Awareness Week (SAW) began in 2018 with many SLN groups organising a remarkable 90+ local events that summer. Last year there were over 100 and even more groups took part! The dates for both weeks were set by a small group of key players in SLN.

  • Vencejo Swift Radio: Radio Maratón 7 Junio

    7 JUNIO 2020.

  • Esparvel:Red Vencejos Toledo Campaña 2020

    Esparvel: Dentro de poco empezará la actividad fuerte de la red de salvamento de vencejos de Toledo de

    Si estás interesado en formar parte de ella, te animamos a que asistas a la sesión que estamos organizando por videoconferencia.

  • World Swift Day – June 7

    World Swift Day (WSD) is a global celebration of the Swift – this most fascinating & mysterious of birds whose very survival is threatened.

  • Bird Photographer of The year

    Welcome to https://www.birdpoty.co.uk/, the Bird Photographer of the Year website, home to the world-renowned photography competition and a growing community of wildlife photographers and conservationists. Marvel at some of the World’s best bird images, interact with innovative and established wildlife photographers, and help us support conservation.